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Gosh I think I have a terrible problem with updating jaja I just never get around to it~ it’s probably because I’ve been a tad lazy this past month or so. Anyways I’m just so excited! Yesterday I went to thrift store with my mom and I saw so many cute things that I wanted to buy, but if only I had more money! Lol. There was an awesome set of gothic skull pens, a cute tweed underskirt with pleats, a gorgeous white high collar top with ruffles, a lovely fox pelt scarf (with a hefty price tag to match!) and a couple of dresses that were just lovely. I was so excited and I tried on two lovely dresses, one beautiful peaches and cream lace Jessica McClintock Gunnesax OP, and the other a stunning Creamy high collar Victorian OP with 3 large ruffles in the front. They were both so pretty it almost felt magical wearing them!
My mother noticed me lusting over them and insisted she’d buy them for me. My mom has always told me, “If you like something, you should buy it cause you’ll never know if it’ll be there tomorrow”, though it was a sweet offer I just don’t feel right with asking my mom to do such a thing, she’s always put my crazy interests firsts. Lol.
She did however buy me a cute pair of casual boy-ish flats. They are pretty cute (imo a little dandy too!) jeje I like them a lot♥ . At times likes this I wish my camera was working, I would have loved to snap away and share all the lovely pieces I came across.
I really enjoyed myself yesterday.. it was so nice and it really lifted my spirits.. especially since I’ve been lacking the motivation to do anything, sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed. I really hope things pick up this week. Other than that I did started up on some more cottage garden skirts and I want to make at least 2 different versions. One will have a flat waistband in front with elastic in the back, and buttons down the side so that it‘s easier to slip into, and another with a just a flat waist band and buttons (mabey). Whether I’ll make these S, M, or L not sure just yet so I guess we’ll see~

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