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skirts and crowns~

July is slowly coming to an end… and I’ve done nothing but sleep! ARGH! I don’t know why but I just keep putting off the most simple of tasks, it’s kind of annoying!
Besides catching up on a semesters worth of sleep, I’ve been coming up with some designs. I sketched out a cute suspender skirt and a matching boy style suspender bottoms decked out with ruffles, bows, and dare I say…. Studs!, but alas they are just designs for now.

So far all I’ve been working on are the cottage garden skirts and a mini crown. I’m just so addicted to crowns as of late!
Suppurate system, Vombie, & Apatico have inspired me so much with their elaborate and exquisite headpieces.
It only occurred to me a couple days back that I have some white pleather-y material left over, it’s just enough for to make a headpiece
Sooo if I measure everything appropriately I might have a little bit leftover to also make a wicked eye patch…mabey.

So far I’ve already drafted out a simple pattern and now I’m working it out on some cheap muslin everything is basted’s a bit flat, the real material I want to use is a bit more sturdy and it shouldn’t droop as much, and then there is the cross..I’m not sure how I’ll be attaching it just yet but where there’s a will there is a way!

well I've gotta run off to do some errands and we'll see what happens~
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