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It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted on LJ. So many attempts and broken promises of consistent blogging lol.

So I recently started attending local lolita meetups, which is very very VERY exciting because the Lolita Community down here in the Rio Grande Valley was practically non existent or extremely disconnected since there were so few of us and so scattered.

Either way I'm very happy to meet such sweet girls that share a common interest and love for Lolita fashion!


Our first meetup was very nice, and has a great turnout. We met at Tea with Friends, a cozy little Tea Room & Antique Mall located in Edinburg.This place was wonderful the atmosphere was warm, service welcoming, & food delightful.

A rundown of my casual sailor inspired ootd:
Top: Hell Bunny Sailor Cardigan
Bottom: Handmade Sailor Print skirt
Shoes: Blue Wedges
Socks: Jessica Simpson Red dot
Ankle with Lace Trim
Red F21 Bow clip

Overall it was a very nice gathering, and I look forward to meeting with these lovely girls more often

Obligatory Shoes Shot!

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