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May Lolita Meetup 🌼

Another late post! Last month I attended another local meetup, which was held at the Mcallen Convention Center. We had a pot luck type of picnic and dolls to the wall it was quite fun! the funny thing was that I was really worried about it because I'm not keen on outdoor events. y'know unless they are for a short period of time, but I really enjoyed myself!

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Usually South Texas weather is super humid and scorching, but we were actually lucky that it was only a little humid and not too hot. We sat under the shade of a couple which was quite nice🐜 There was definitely less attendees, but somehow it worked out perfectly because we got to know one another a lil more personally.
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I always forget to snap a pic of my outfits for when I'm out, but maybe i would get a long mirror?

Anyways! A quick rundown of my code for the May Meetup:</b>
Top: Peterpan Tulle Collar Blk Cutsew, Handmade
Bottom: Kitties&Puppydogs Blk trim Yw Skirt, Handmade
Innerwear: Kitty tights, HotTopic
Blk Crystal Jointed Bear Necklace,
Colorful Crystal Blk VW Ring, Matching Kitties&Puppydogs headbow clip,handmade & black faux leather bunny bag, handmade🌼

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It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted on LJ. So many attempts and broken promises of consistent blogging lol.

So I recently started attending local lolita meetups, which is very very VERY exciting because the Lolita Community down here in the Rio Grande Valley was practically non existent or extremely disconnected since there were so few of us and so scattered.

Either way I'm very happy to meet such sweet girls that share a common interest and love for Lolita fashion!


Our first meetup was very nice, and has a great turnout. We met at Tea with Friends, a cozy little Tea Room & Antique Mall located in Edinburg.This place was wonderful the atmosphere was warm, service welcoming, & food delightful.

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Dreaming of Summer

Summer is almost here, and that makes me soooo excited!! right now I've been drafting up ideas for summer sewing projects, and with the next ArtWalk and ChingonaFest only days away I've been super busy and super pumped! last week my cold may have slowed me down.. but this week will be DIFFERENT! I already have a good momentum ! Keep your eyes peeled I'll be at the Mcallen ArtWalk! ;)

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Ohhh I really have neglected this blog.. but so much has happened these past couple of years! I've thrown myself into my studies, joined a professional student and national organization(Go SHRM!), reconnected with friends, lost touch with others, and gained a whole network of new friends.

I even landed a very demanding and amazing internship in my degree with a Fortune 500 Corporation, and as of December 2012 I have officially graduated with my Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Yay!

It has been one heck of a journey so far.. and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Speaking of the future, this April I'll be a participating vendor at at the next McAllen Art Walk and also at Chingona Fest 2013! Don't forget to stop by I'll be selling clothing along side my favorite two soul-chicas, local artisan Dulce Morales and the ever so creative nail technician, Ericca Olvera!

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all that jazz~

Thank goodness for winter vacation! I'm not sure if I could handle my classes without at least one break jajaja!

Well with the holidays here I'd like to get around to some sewing..
I hope everyone's holday break has been filled with much warmth and love!
ahhh for me life has been so incomplete and spinning out of control, I’m just so out of touch with myself and my love for Lolita fashion… I really hate drawn-out deadlines, and completing homework every weekend? No thanks! I miss having time for myself and I miss sewing.. where have my dreams gone??

Since finals are long gone I’m really hoping to take back my life~
to start it off, I met up with a local RGV-Lolita, Jasmine!

It's so exciting to meet other Lolitas! We actually met online through facebook, then decided to meet up at a local coffee shop, MoonBeans. She's such a sweet girl, and really adorable too!
her outfit was just the cutest and reminded me of Minnie mouse<3

For this get together I really felt dressing up a little darker than usual, so I decided on an all black loli coordinate~.
I’m wearing a dramatic long sleeve Ralph Lauren Ruffle blouse, with a simple handmade ruffle skirt, and some Edwardian-style booties. For accessories I chose to wear my silver rose poison-ring, paired with my silver rosary for a classic-gothic touch!

Jasmine wore an adorable pleated and buttoned red skirt, with white ruffled top, black white striped medias with little poker suits down the sides, and the cutest head eating bow I’ve laid my eyes on! She looked absolutely darling!

We both ended up ordering mango smoothies and talked about dresses, hairstyles, and future meet-ups. It was really nice, and I hope that we can have meetups more often and hopefully encourage other rgv-lolis to dress up and join in on the fun!
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skirts and crowns~

July is slowly coming to an end… and I’ve done nothing but sleep! ARGH! I don’t know why but I just keep putting off the most simple of tasks, it’s kind of annoying!
Besides catching up on a semesters worth of sleep, I’ve been coming up with some designs. I sketched out a cute suspender skirt and a matching boy style suspender bottoms decked out with ruffles, bows, and dare I say…. Studs!, but alas they are just designs for now.

So far all I’ve been working on are the cottage garden skirts and a mini crown. I’m just so addicted to crowns as of late!
Suppurate system, Vombie, & Apatico have inspired me so much with their elaborate and exquisite headpieces.
It only occurred to me a couple days back that I have some white pleather-y material left over, it’s just enough for to make a headpiece
Sooo if I measure everything appropriately I might have a little bit leftover to also make a wicked eye patch…mabey.

So far I’ve already drafted out a simple pattern and now I’m working it out on some cheap muslin everything is basted’s a bit flat, the real material I want to use is a bit more sturdy and it shouldn’t droop as much, and then there is the cross..I’m not sure how I’ll be attaching it just yet but where there’s a will there is a way!

well I've gotta run off to do some errands and we'll see what happens~
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Gosh I think I have a terrible problem with updating jaja I just never get around to it~ it’s probably because I’ve been a tad lazy this past month or so. Anyways I’m just so excited! Yesterday I went to thrift store with my mom and I saw so many cute things that I wanted to buy, but if only I had more money! Lol. There was an awesome set of gothic skull pens, a cute tweed underskirt with pleats, a gorgeous white high collar top with ruffles, a lovely fox pelt scarf (with a hefty price tag to match!) and a couple of dresses that were just lovely. I was so excited and I tried on two lovely dresses, one beautiful peaches and cream lace Jessica McClintock Gunnesax OP, and the other a stunning Creamy high collar Victorian OP with 3 large ruffles in the front. They were both so pretty it almost felt magical wearing them!
My mother noticed me lusting over them and insisted she’d buy them for me. My mom has always told me, “If you like something, you should buy it cause you’ll never know if it’ll be there tomorrow”, though it was a sweet offer I just don’t feel right with asking my mom to do such a thing, she’s always put my crazy interests firsts. Lol.
She did however buy me a cute pair of casual boy-ish flats. They are pretty cute (imo a little dandy too!) jeje I like them a lot♥ . At times likes this I wish my camera was working, I would have loved to snap away and share all the lovely pieces I came across.
I really enjoyed myself yesterday.. it was so nice and it really lifted my spirits.. especially since I’ve been lacking the motivation to do anything, sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed. I really hope things pick up this week. Other than that I did started up on some more cottage garden skirts and I want to make at least 2 different versions. One will have a flat waistband in front with elastic in the back, and buttons down the side so that it‘s easier to slip into, and another with a just a flat waist band and buttons (mabey). Whether I’ll make these S, M, or L not sure just yet so I guess we’ll see~

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New style in the making: Mori-Lolita

In the past couple of years quite a few different styles have boomed, and I’ve noticed that slowly more and more Lolitas are blending different styles with Lolita. Mori-girl style for one has been growing in popularity, so much that it has influenced Lolitas in their styling decisions. Lolitas are coordinating their pretty pettis to take on a mori-spin. These coordinates are quite charming, I’ve seen a couple of lolitas post coordinates that incorporate earthier more neutral tones, fur lined vests, leather boots, and intricate cardigans. Often these coordinates are accessorized with soft knitted goods, forest creature motifs, and vintage accessories. Even hairstyles are done up differently to better encompass a “forest girl” style, all the while these coordinates still maintain a good balance between Mori and Lolita.

As Mori-fashion peaked in interest, more people seemed to welcome the style with open arms. Even here on LJ Mori-girls have united and created their own community. Some Lolitas have started creating Mori-inspired outfits, by mixing their Lolita outfits to embrace neutral colors, appropriate woodland motifs, and other handmade accessories. Layering vests and mixing matching antique jewelry has really become popular when trying to blend the forest-girl look with Lolita.

I really have become quite fond of the Mori girls community here on LJ, it’s so helpful in getting a better insights on the clothing and accessories that Mori girls select to create their “forest girl” appearance. As I filtered through the community I noticed there are some Lolita brands like Meta, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, and Juliette et Justine have certain clothes that seem to really mesh well with Mori-style. There are even some posts where some Mori-girls have selected specific Lolita garments that would suit the Mori-style. Some of these Mori-girls select certain Lolita garments because of the femininity Lolita clothing exhibits with its delicate usage of pleats, ruffles, and lace. These are popular Lolita brands, and to see Morigirls mix, match, and modify certain loli-garments to fit their Mori-style is really interesting. Depending on how these garments are worn theses outfits can take on more of a Lolita than Mori style, and vice versa.

I’ve really enjoy seeing coordinates that merge other styles with Lolita, and despite that Mori and Loli styles are different they really do compliment each other. I suppose what I love the most about seeing this mix of lolita and mori is the potential it holds as its very own sub-style. As more Lolitas grow an interest in mixing their Loli-garments with Mori-garments, the more likely it is that “Mori-loli” will be recognized as its own style, much like gothic, sweet, and country lolis.

Anyways, Last week as I was looking through (lots and lots of )Daily Lolita I came across these lovely Lolitas whose coordinates were Mori-inspired, these were so cute that I really wanted to share their posts:
Mori-Lolita Coordinate1:
Mori-Lolita Coordinate2:

I also found this lovely Swedish Lolitas lookbook, where she shared her own Mori-Lolita Coordinate:
Her full blog here.

Other Related Mori-Lolita links
Mori-Lolita Blogger:
Other Lolita Blogs:

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more Mori-inspired Lolita coordinates, and maybe even a new sub-style slowly emerging :-)

What are your thoughts on Mori-Lolita?
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Good Evening ladies annnnnnd gentleman~ I am officially back from the dead !

My posts have been so slow lately mostly because of school.. It’s always the institutions fault kekeke.. just kidding. Well maybe not.
Well I've decided to take the summer off I really wanted a break and I'm so sick of school projects, quizzes, and exams. Now that school is out I can do everything I’ve wanted to like take mid-day naps, go jogging, going out with friends and best of all SEW!
I’m really excited about it, just yesterday I had so much time on my hands I didn’t know what to do jeje.

Now that finals are done and over with I really want to get things back on track. The first thing to do on my list is to finish up a crinoline that I had started up during spring break. It’s only half constructed and I ended up putting it on hold since my professors loaded me with work that week.. :-/
Anyways~ I’ll be finishing that up within the week and start work on some new designs.. hopefully an array of headpieces, bottoms, tops, and OP! it’s been a while since I’ve sewn.. gawsh I hope machine isn’t all out of whack!

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