Victoria Martina (victoriamartina) wrote,
Victoria Martina

May Lolita Meetup 🌼

Another late post! Last month I attended another local meetup, which was held at the Mcallen Convention Center. We had a pot luck type of picnic and dolls to the wall it was quite fun! the funny thing was that I was really worried about it because I'm not keen on outdoor events. y'know unless they are for a short period of time, but I really enjoyed myself!

Usually South Texas weather is super humid and scorching, but we were actually lucky that it was only a little humid and not too hot. We sat under the shade of a couple which was quite nice🐜 There was definitely less attendees, but somehow it worked out perfectly because we got to know one another a lil more personally.

After our picnic and our brief photo session we walked over to a nearby B&N to cool off in the a/c and treat ourselves to Starbucks sweets🍰 we literally just hung there for hours.

While there I also spotted this cute display that was pretty aweeeesome 👇

Intellectual conversations over coffee🎀

I always forget to snap a pic of my outfits for when I'm out, but maybe i would get a long mirror?

Anyways! A quick rundown of my code for the May Meetup:</b>
Top: Peterpan Tulle Collar Blk Cutsew, Handmade
Bottom: Kitties&Puppydogs Blk trim Yw Skirt, Handmade
Innerwear: Kitty tights, HotTopic
Blk Crystal Jointed Bear Necklace,
Colorful Crystal Blk VW Ring, Matching Kitties&Puppydogs headbow clip,handmade & black faux leather bunny bag, handmade🌼

Tags: handmade, life rgvlolitas, lolita meetup
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